Desk lamps are a special type of light that is used on small surfaces such as a desk. Most often, desk lamps will have a rectangular or circular base but today, you will find many unique design options. From the base, a pillar comes up straight from the center with a light on top. Depending on the style of desk lamp you have, some will have shades that tilt, which is handy when working on detailed type work.

During the 1990s, a new line of desk lamps was introduced to the public. Instead of being designed with a switch or pull chain, these desk lamps were made from metal and called a “touch lamp”. With this, you could literally touch the lamp anywhere and it would automatically turn on. When you want to turn the desk lamp off, you simply touch it again anywhere and the light goes off. Obviously, these desk lamps have been a huge success because of the convenience factor and today, remain a huge seller.

You will also find many styles of desk lamps on the market that have a flexible arm on which the light is attached. The benefit to this design feature is that although the base of the lamp remains stable, you can adjust where the illumination goes. Therefore, if you need to move the light to the right or left to focus on something specific, you simply adjust the arm rather than having to move the entire lamp. When it comes to features, this too made desk lamps all the more popular.

Other styles of desk lamps are made so they clamp onto the side of a desk, table, nightstand, or even a headboard. This way, if you do not have a flat surface to place a normal desk lamp, you can still benefit from the light. These desk lamps are nice for students who travel back and forth from home to school, allowing them to easily pack the lamp and take it with them, attaching it to whatever they can find.

Just as with the features, desk lamps also use a number of different light sources. For instance, if you have homework or tend to bring work home with you from the office, then you would probably prefer full-spectrum desk lamps, which make seeing finer print easy. However, one of the most popular types of desk lamps is called the Tolomeo lamp. Designed by an Italian man, these desk lamps are functional but also highly modern in appearance, making them a favorite for the dot generation. The base is made from heavy steel, and then the lamp has two arms and a swivel head.

You will find all types of desk lamps, some contemporary, some eclectic, some Victorian, and some period editions. Therefore, if you want task lighting but also want to look at lighting that will fit with the decor of a room, you will be amazed at all the choices. Remember, desk lamps come in Tiffany styles, Edwardian Rose styles, Neoclassical styles, Art Deco style, and literally everything in between.