Desk pads have actually been used for a long time but the designs available today are quite different. Placed on the top of a desk, desk pads are intended to protect the surface. For instance, if you have a glass top desk, you could use a desk pad to keep the glass from becoming dirty or scratched. However, if you have an expensive wood desk, the desk pad would also provide protection to ensure the wood is not damaged by watermarks, scratches, pens, etc. Now, sometimes people will shop for desk pads simply to add a little color and character to an otherwise boring area.

In addition to being a great purchase for yourself, desk pads are also a nice gift idea. For example, if you have a teenage son who is involved in football and baseball, then you could choose two desk pads, one with his favorite football team in the background, and the other as a white, stitched baseball. For the hard to buy for kid, this is guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

For the girl in the home, she too would love any number of desk pads. For something with funky flare, you might consider a black desk pad that is lined in bright pink leather. With this, you could also purchase a matching penholder, miniature picture album, note holder, in-box tray, and folder. Again, if your daughter were fussy, she would be thrilled. In addition, if your daughter needed a gift for a close friend, something like this would be appreciated.

For the executive, desk pads are also available. In this case, you might choose a slate or steel gray desk pad, again with or without matching accessories. Other options include a burgundy leather desk pad, or perhaps smooth, gray leather. For the person who loves displaying photographs but who has little desk surface to do so, then you will find desk pads made from clear acrylic. In addition to providing protection to the desk’s top, photographs of family, pets, vacations, and so on can be slipped underneath and enjoyed throughout the day.

Of course, you cannot overlook the people who love color and fun. Desk pads featuring angels, bears, cartoon characters, geometric designs, and so on can also be purchased. The great thing is that desk pads come in upscale materials such as leather and crocodile to simple solutions made from plastic or acrylic. Because of this, you could spend as little or as much as you like. Therefore, no matter what your personal preference, hundreds of desk pads can be found.