Everyone at some point turns the last page of their desk calendar and is faced with the question: what should I do with the calendar next? Instead of throwing out those old calendars that you dutifully turned to day after day, consider reusing them for a myriad of fun projects. Whether you have a calendar that must be torn off day after day or one that simply fold behind the previous month, know that there are options for alternative uses and that you are not alone. Many people find themselves using pieces of an old desk calendar to complete some project or other, so join why not join in on the fun!

If your desk calendar is printed on paper—and most of them are—consider doing some recycling of your own. Paper that is recycled by hand features elements of the original material, making it a perfect way to enjoy those beautiful photographs, drawings, or images from your calendar. Start with purchasing an inexpensive paper making kit or assemble your own kit. Making paper is an easy and fun project that will allow the whole family to roll up their sleeves and create a new and unique product. Once your paper is complete, you can use it to create greeting cards, notes, envelopes, or even another desk calendar!

Since there is a desk calendar available on any topic under the sun, yours is probably special since it reflects an image of you. If your calendar contains especially lovely photographs or images, consider framing them once they have done duty telling you the day or month. Once you have discarded the day or month with the image on it, purchase an inexpensive frame that will fit the paper. Consider using the images of your used desk calendar to decorate your office area, especially if you are on a limited budget.

Next, consider using your desk calendar to decorate other items. For instance, use a decoupage glue to affix the cut or torn images from your calendar on everything from tables to lamps to boxes. Many individuals who enjoy the decoupage craft keep a file folder of lovely papers in store for their next project. If you find the crafting gene is missing in your DNA, consider gifting a crafty friend with a wealth of photographs, drawings, or images that made up your desk calendar.

Finally, the handmade card trend is becoming increasingly popular, so you can easily turn your used desk calendar into a stunning card for a friend or family member. Again, consider keeping a file of pleasing images that can be included in all aspects of card making, from the actual card itself to even the envelope. Whether you use the entire page or just one aspect that is carefully cut out of the image, this is a great way to continue to enjoy your calendar. No one will suspect that their beautiful card that you so carefully made started its life off as an image from your desk calendar!