Desk chair mats are pieces of material placed beneath the chair so that as it rolls around, the carpeting or floor is not damaged. Additionally, desk chair mats make it much easier to scoot in a chair. For instance, working in a cubicle means moving from one side to another while staying seated. If the chair does not roll easily, this would soon become a serious annoyance. With a desk chair mat, the casters roll without any problem.

Most people think of the desk chair mat as a transparent, plastic or vinyl piece, which is correct. Of all types of mats, this is probably the best known and most popular. In addition to working well, the mat is also very affordable and can be purchased from just about any office supply store. The nice thing about the clear desk chair mat is that it does not obstruct the color of the carpeting or flooring underneath. However, some people want something a little more special, which is why we see mat options growing.

One of these options that we wanted to address is the desk chair mate that comes in wood like finishes to match the office furniture. Therefore, if your office had oak furniture, you could choose an oak mat but if the furniture were a light pine, then you could choose a mat to match that as well. Best of all, this type of desk chair mat works well on hardwood floors, tile, or pile carpeting just as with the transparent style.

Now, one of the advantages to these new chair mats is the smooth surface. You see, the transparent style of desk chair mat is designed with spikes on the underside, which keeps the mat from sliding out of place. Unfortunately, sometimes these sharp spikes can damage the floor. With the new style of mat, it is made to stay in place without the spikes. With this, you have a nice, smooth surface on the underside, as well as the top of the mat.

Additionally, this new type of desk chair mat is made to last for years and years. Another huge advantage is that some of the traditional mats can cause problems with static electricity. However, the newer style eliminates this problem as well. Made only with the finest materials and workmanship, the look and functionality is a great improvement. The laminate material used is virtually indestructible, having a high resistance to burns, stains, scratches, wear and tear, and hard impacts.

One of the best products on the market today offers a three/eighth inch thickness with a non-slip rubber pad backing. This way, the surface is comfortable while ensuring the mat does not slip. As mentioned, with the new style of desk chair mat, you would have your choice of various finishes to include oak, walnut, and cherry although many more options are coming. Finally, with this particular desk chair mat, you have your choice of four standard sizes or, you could have one custom made specially for your space.