If you are like most people working in the business world, you run on a tight schedule, which is why a desk clock can become the best item you own. Typically, competitive businesses include meetings, luncheons, and other scheduled events that mean showing up on time. Because schedules can be difficult to keep track of, you could use an attractive desk clock to help you become and remain a reliable and successful employee.

Although you could use any desk clock, you will now find a huge array of choices. For instance, if you want something with an executive look, something whimsical and with color, or perhaps a high-tech desk clock, you will have a nice selection from which to choose. In this article, we have pulled some ideas together to show you just a few examples of the many styles available.

If you love unique things, then the gyro spinning globe clock is sure to get attention. With a futuristic design made from brushed metal and a three-axle gyro spinning globe, you too will be impressed. This particular desk clock spins a full 360 degrees and even comes with a photo frame. Although this desk clock is only 2.75 x 4.75 x 4.75 in size and about $35, you will definitely have the coolest clock of anyone in the office.

If you work in the financial or banking industry and need a new desk clock or are looking for the perfect gift for your boss, the financial planner’s clock is the perfect accessory. Made from beautiful black marble, this clock features a bear and bull on the front. The nice thing about this desk clock is that while it is fully functional and designed to make an impressive statement, it stands just seven inches tall so it fits anywhere.

Another unique style of desk clock is the celestial style. Without doubt, the style is a one-of-a-kind and absolutely, spectacular. Made from brass, this analog quartz clock is surrounded by brass rings that are designed to twirl and spin. In addition, the base of this desk clock is designed to rotate much like that of a carousel. Although the price of this clock is a little more expensive, usually around $100, it is worth every cent.

For something elegant and sophisticated, you might consider a zinc alloy slant wedge desk clock. Priced less than $25, this clock has a beautiful silver finish with an impressive design. Although the style is contemporary, the clock would look amazing with any décor. Finally, for a charming but smaller desk clock, there is the heart-shaped piece, made from silver plating with a precision quartz movement.