For many people, a desk chair is just a chair but for individuals that spend significant time working, a desk chair can be the difference between a comfortable and painful back and neck. The good news is that in addition to chairs being designed for workspaces and in specific styles, you will also discover chairs made for ergonomic comfort. Although there are many excellent companies that create work type furniture, the one that tops the list is a company called IKEA.

This particular company wants people to understand that whether buying a desk chair for home or office space, it should fit the person’s back perfectly. To create a healthy work environment, a good desk chair is a wonderful investment. In addition to helping with good posture, the right desk chair is made to support neutral parts of the body. This means you can easily change positions when needed but without experiencing pressure on the body.

Remember, when buying a new desk chair, it should fit the body. In other words, for the chair to accommodate any body type, it must have adequate adjustability. Just as you would when buying a new car, you want to try out various styles and brands when shopping for a desk chair in that they are not all created equal. As you will see from the information below, there are distinct differences in the design and construction:


Make sure the backrest works well with your body with the curve at the base of the spine having the most support. Additionally, a desk chair for a woman would have a height adjustment support for the lower back and lumbar areas. Then, a tilt mechanism is ideal for maintaining support on the lumbar area and horizontal movement allows you to recline and move with ease while still getting the needed support.

Height Adjustment

Most desk chairs will have height adjustment in the form of a gas lift or pneumatic lever. For this, make sure the thighs are horizontal with the ground while both feet are placed flat on the floor.

Seat Pan

The best option is a waterfall edge or rounded part at the front of the seat pan. With this, any unnecessary pressure on the legs and knees is eliminated. In fact, we suggest you look for a forward slider so the seat can be adjusted specific to your body.


The best choice of armrests are those that offer both height and width support. In addition, you might look for a desk chair that includes support for various tasks such as reading and writing by reducing shoulder and neck tension.