Although there are many different styles of chairs, a reclining office chair provides comfort and needed support. In fact, most people that use a reclining office chair agree that they enjoy increased productivity. Obviously, working in an office or from home, you deserve the best. In this article, we wanted to address some of the other types of office chairs in addition to a reclining office chair, as well as specific models you might consider.

Remember, in addition to the desk, bookcases, filing cabinets, and equipment, which is important, the office chair is the most beneficial. Of course, you want to choose a chair that looks great but with something like a reclining office chair you can also enjoy better health from better back and neck support. With significant research done over the years, new and improved chairs have been introduced to the public and with excellent success.

Kneeling Office Chair

Although many people find it hard to believe a kneeling office chair could be comfortable, it is. Keep in mind that this particular style of chair does not offer back support but with the design leaning forward, the hips naturally slid forward, which better aligns the shoulder, neck, and spine.

Saddle Office Chair

With this type of chair, you would be sitting as if on a horse saddle. For individuals who suffer from lower back problems, the saddle chair is a great solution.

Ball Office Chair

This chair is an exercise ball that many people use for office work. Because you cannot slouch with a ball office chair, you are forced to sit in an upright posture. With this, back problems are eased. Additionally, the ball office chair is bouncy, which increases blood flow.

Balance Office Chair

The balance office chair is designed to keep legs at an appropriate angle, while also keeping the back and spine aligned.

Reclining Office Chair

Finally, one of the best options for your office is the reclining office chair. With this design, you can work while reclining, perfect of people who have had some type of spinal injury. Just remember, the new options for a reclining office chair now on the market are ergonomically designed to promote health and improved posture.