Queen Ann if one of the most eccentric and elaborate of all Victorian styles, which is why some people automatically gravitate to the Queen Ann desk when looking for new office furniture. If you love the look of romance and need a desk that is not masculine but one with feminine curves, then the Queen Ann desk is perfect. This particular style first became known during medieval times but became highly popular in the late 19th century during a time when people where looking for a way of softening the high flux of factory and technology.

A Queen Ann desk can be large or small, and designed with various layouts but no matter what, the beautiful and intricate detailing is the same. Most often, a Queen Ann desk or any piece of furniture from this era is described as being lavishly decorated and refined. For this reason, the Queen Ann desk looks amazing in a female’s office where class and style are important.

If you have a type of business where you want to present the company with elegance and flair, the Queen Ann desk would work beautifully. For instance, industries such as hotel, recruiting, fashion, talent, banking, and financial advising would all be well represented with this type of furniture. However, you might even consider a Queen Ann desk simply because you love the look, the rich finish, and ornate detailing. For instance, if you have a home office, there is no reason why a Queen Ann desk could not be your desk of choice.

For years, Queen Ann furniture was typically associated with pretentious homes but today, the style has become a favorite for working class homes as well. Therefore, if you want a Queen Ann desk, there is no one stopping you. Keep in mind that authentic Queen Ann pieces can be expensive but if you shop around at auctions, estate sales, or check classified or online auctions, you might come across something at a bargain price. Otherwise, you might consider buying a reproduction of a Queen Ann desk, which still looks amazing while saving you money.

The fascinating thing about a Queen Ann desk is that it has the illusion of being fragile but if made properly, this desk should last and last just as with any other style. Today, you can find beautiful reproduction pieces that come in a variety of finishes, although you would typically see deep colors such as cherry and mahogany. Just remember that in addition to finish and overall appearance, you want your Queen Ann desk to offer the type of storage and work surface needed.