Executive desks are different from other desk designs in that they are usually made from top quality material and designed for the “executive.” This means the desk is top notch, made from rich mahogany, cherry, or oak, detailed with beautiful brass or other detailing, and created to look and act like a million bucks. The exciting thing about buying executive desks is that you do not have to be an executive to enjoy all the benefits. In addition, you will find a number of unique and traditional styles to fit everyone’s preference.

For instance, one of the newer types of executive desks is that stand-up design. If you have lower back pain, you will find that the stand-up model immediately provides relief. Additionally, this executive desk is designed so you can sit or stand. You will also find that stand-up executive desks work beautifully with work stools or drafting chairs. Because of the reduction of stress on the lower back, productivity is greatly improved. Then, this type of desk is actually gorgeous but also highly functional and available in a wide choice of colors, woods, heights, and styles.

The most important thing to consider when buying an executive style desk is choosing one that not only looks great but also one that allows you to work in an effective manner. Other options for executive desks include the standard style, which offers a discriminating look. This desk is comprised of three parts along with two drawer towers and a large desktop. In addition, the desk features a center drawer for keeping pencils, notes, paperclips, and other common accessories nearby.

Deluxe executive desks are a step above the standard design, featuring raised panels on the back of the desk and sides with beautiful carved corner moldings. For this desk, you will enjoy tons of storage with nine drawers, all made on easy gliders, allowing you to reach the very back without problems. You will find a number of different styles but a favorite is the one piece that has large doors for each access to files and other documents.

Although you would typically expect to pay more for executive desks, by shopping around, you can find excellent bargains. For instance, never overlook the possibilities of auctions, estate sales, or thrift stores. Additionally, you will find many hotels and other businesses remodeling every five years or so at which time they will have a huge sale or auction. During this time, you can often find gorgeous, upscale executive desks but at a wonderful discount price.

Then, check out some of the high-end furniture stores. Many times, these stores will have huge yearend or overstock sales. In this case, the prior year’s models are sold to make room for the new merchandise. Then in the case of overstock, many times the owner simply ordered too many of desks and needs to clear some out. The bottom line is that when it comes time to shop for executive desks, keep your options open.