With the creation of the wireless computer, many people have discovered the benefits of using a bed desk. This way, work can still be done when sick, tired, or just lazy. A bed desk is also a great solution for people who love reading e-books in bed. Typically, trying to work in bed is difficult, uncomfortable, and cumbersome. In addition to computer use, a bed desk can be used to hold books for reading.

This small portable tabletop is designed with short legs that fit on either side of a person’s lap. When looking at a bed desk, you would notice the similarity between it and a standard breakfast tray. The only real differences include a slanted top that makes viewing a book or computer convenient, and often space for holding things such as a mouse, glasses, and so on.

Although you will find all types of bed desk styles, it is common to see them with a lip at the bottom, which is what helps to hold a book open. However, people will use a bed desk when traveling, which is great in a hotel room for writing pads or again, computers. Many designs are portable, fitting neatly into the bottom of a suitcase. The possibilities for work are truly amazing. In addition, many styles come with storage cubbies, which are great places to store magazines, papers, CD’s, etc.


Most often, a bed desk is constructed from natural wood with birch, pine, cherry, walnut, and beechwood being among the most common. When shopping around for a bed desk, we recommend you stick with these woods, which are strong, durable, and affordable. In addition to being a great addition for your own use, the bed desk also makes an ideal gift idea.

For instance, if you had a boss or friend that travels for work or simply works from home often, the bed desk would be an appreciated gift. Remember, while the name indicates, “bed”, this type of desk can also be used on the couch, in the car, or on a plane. The convenience and versatility of the bed desk is why it has become so popular. Then, you can choose from a wide array of finishes and styles.

You might choose an Asian style made from cherry or mahogany to include a rolled or sweeping design. For a country or shabby chic look, distressed white painted pine would be perfect. Then, if elegance is more your style, a beechwood or cherry bed desk with clean lines is available. In other words, in addition to functionality and practicality, you also get the benefits of style that fits your preferred decorum. Being highly efficient, the bed desk is usually adjustable for the perfect fit.

Of course there is also another kind of bed desk, the type you would see in a hospital, for example. It rolls along the floor and scoots right up under your bed.