With the creation of the wireless laptop computer, we have seen the number of lap desk pillows skyrocketing. More and more, people take work home from the office or run a home-based business. However, working late into the night or while sick can be a problem but with a laptop and lap desk pillows, work can be conducted efficiently from bed. In addition, some people will use lap desk pillows for reading, doing cross-word puzzles, or working on paperwork.

Far more than just a standard lap desk, this new solution is designed to provide convenience, efficiency, and comfort. For instance, many of the new lap desk pillows on the market are made with a large-surface tray, combined with neck pillows. That means in addition to working from home, you could have a comfortable way to work outside on the deck, in your automobile, or anywhere you like.

Although you will find a number of designs associated with lap desk pillows, one of the most popular is the curved tray. With this, you have adequate room for papers or a laptop computer. The neck pillow portion of the design provides a way that you can lean back and relax while working. The nice thing is that the neck pillow is detachable. Therefore, if you only wanted a work surface for writing or doing homework, you could remove the pillows.

Lap desk pillows are durable and stable, which is why some people also use them for eating in bed. You know, f you wanted to surprise the love of your life with breakfast in bed one morning, the desk pillow would be the ideal solution. In addition to having a surface on which to place the food, he or she would also be able to sit back in absolute comfort. Other uses for lap desk pillows includes playing a hand of cards with someone, playing solitaire, paying bills, and so on.

Typically, you can choose from a number of colors for your lap desk pillows, matching your bed colors perfectly. In addition to purchasing a lap desk pillow for yourself, it makes a great gift idea. For instance, if you have a family member that is elderly or disabled, the desk pillow would be an ideal solution. Even a child in college would be thrilled to receive a lap desk pillow.

Remember, you will find a number of lap desks available, each offering some type of benefit. However, lap desk pillows are unique in that you get the best from two worlds – functionality and comfort. This means in addition to having the lap desk on which to work or play, you also have the cushy pillows to lean back on. For this reason, lap desk pillows are the latest and greatest innovation.