Rolltop desks are a distinct part of the American History. Although first patented in 1850, we still see this type of desk a popular choice in homes across the country. Some people will purchase an original while others look among the possibilities of modern day rolltop desks. Regardless, the curved tambour top makes this a classic style that will never lose its charm. For more than 145 years, rolltop desks have served people well and we expect the will continue to do so.

When you think of the making of American history, a number of things come to mind such as apple pie, the American flag, baseball, and of course, rolltop desks. Different in style from any other desk, the roll top has become and remained popular for both home and office use. During the 19th and 20th centuries, rolltop desks were hugely popular in the United States and prior to that, in Europe.

What makes rolltop desks so unique is the cylinder design. You can roll the top of the desk up, revealing a workspace. Depending on the design, many rolltop desks have built in cubbies and slots where mail, books, and other things can be stored. The nice thing about this style is that if you need to leave in a hurry but have no time to organize the space, you simply close the top down, and everything is immediately hidden.

Although the first patented roll top was in 1850, many historians believe the first desk was made specially or King Louis XV, back in the mid to late 18th century. Further research shows that the first roll top desk would likely have been built for use in the Palace of Versailles. However, once the French Revolution was over, the desk was moved on to Paris although it made its ways back home to Versailles something in the early 20th century.

The nice thing about rolltop desks is that they work exceptionally well for many people and many situations. Although you see this style of desk used common in businesses, by writers, and even politicians, this style is also a favorite for students and even little kids. In fact, you will now find rolltop desks designed in miniature specifically for the smaller generation.

Today, you will find a wide variety of antique rolltop desks, made from different woods and with different styles and features. This variance is just one of the many things that has continued to make this style desk interesting. The good news for people who want an original desk is that they were made in vast quantity. Therefore, you could probably find an original without spending a fortune. However, with new designs of rolltop desks now competing on the market with more advanced features, you may prefer something new.