If you need a new desk but cringe at the current prices, you can always make your own, something such as sawhorse desks. These desks are literally designed with sawhorses. In addition to being fully functional, these desks are also unique in appearance, making them a great conversation piece. For people on a budget, students away at college, or those just wanting something special, sawhorse desks are a perfect solution.

To make your own, all you need a 2×4 piece of lumber, medium grit sandpaper, water-based stain, wood conditioner, sawhorse bracket hardware, premade wood boxes about one-foot square, an unfinished hollow core door, and some clear finish. All of these items can be purchased from your local home improvement or hardware store, with a total cost of around $150 or less, depending on current sales.

To make sawhorse desks, you would need to cut the 2×4 pieces of lumber that will serve as the components for the desk. Keep in mind that one, 10-foot section of lumber should be cut into four equally sized legs, along with the sawhorse top piece. You then want to sand the lumber, as well as the door. This can be done by hand or with an electric sander, whichever you prefer.

After the sanding is complete, the wood should be sealed with the wood conditioner and the water-based stain applied. For this, you want to use only a lint-free cloth and then allow the substances to dry for up to 30 minutes. For sawhorse desks, everything needs to be assembled and secured using the hardware. Once that step is completed, the hollow core door would be sanded, stained, allowed to dry, stained again, and the clear coated with a single coat

For the completion of sawhorse desks, the hollow core door would be placed on the sawhorses, which now becomes a beautiful top working surface. If you need room to store files, books, supplies, paper, or other normal desk items, then the wooden boxes can be placed beneath the sawhorse, turned so the open part is to the front. Sawhorse desks are truly a wonderful way to create a desk that is fun but functional.