Antique desks are fantastic pieces of furniture that are often overlooked when it comes to interior design. These desks were often used in offices and homes of the past, but can be used to complete many more tasks than their original purpose. Also, the quality of materials and craftsmanship that went into creating these antique beauties ensures that these pieces of furniture are well made and easily capable of standing up to the wear and tear needed to survive in your home. Since there are many different types of antique desks on the market, you can essentially pick and choose the specific size, material, and design that work best for your home’s design.

One type of antique desks is the small writing desks typically used by women to complete correspondence. For this reason, these writing desks are small in scale and quite delicate in design. Furthermore, these pieces of furniture were valued for their aesthetic looks in addition to their usability, since they needed to seamlessly fit into the interior décor of any given room. Typically, a writing desk was housed in a lady’s lounge or study, which often doubled as an area of entertainment in the home. Today, an antique writing desk can be used as a vanity or often as a beautiful occasional table with a bonus storage area. Since these antique desks are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, you are sure to find a specific piece of furniture that fits into the design plan of your home.

The large partner’s antique desks of ages past were made to accommodate two different individuals working in the same space. For this reason, these desks are scaled much larger than the typical desk and have storage compartments on both sides of the piece. More importantly, the piece is finished on both sides, unlike many desks that are only finished on the front with the back left rough and unfinished. Consider using an antique partner’s desk as centerpiece in any home. For example, turn your partner’s desk into a usable kitchen island for a more unique look. Add a glass, marble, granite, or butcher block top to the desk in order to create a usable work surface that will not damage the actual finish of the desk. In many instances, you will want to add a surface topper to your antique desks for these same reasons.

Other uses for antique desks include transforming the piece into a stunning bathroom vanity. The old, boring bathroom vanity cabinets have completely gone with the wind, and the unique, decorative bathroom vanity has taken its place. All that needs to be done is to have the piece retrofitted to include a vanity sink and the piece can be installed. Since most antique desks have ample storage, these pieces are perfect for use as a bathroom vanity.

There are many different uses for antique desks. Whether you have the perfect desk sitting in your home’s storage area or are eyeing that beautiful antique desk in your local antique store, know that there are more uses than just office pieces. Use your imagination to come up with creating and unexpected uses for your antique desks.