A roll top computer desk is the perfect desk for an at home work station. It is compact, rolls, and can be closed up when you are done with work related tasks. Computer desks come in a number of styles and shapes. As computers get smaller computer desks seem to get larger. A traditional computer desk is huge and clunky which adds nothing to your home décor. On the other hand a roll top computer desk is a great piece of accent furniture which is both functional and stylish.

There are several things to consider when choosing the right computer desk for your home office. The first thing to consider is how much time you are going to spend at your computer. If you only use your computer at home for sending email and browsing the internet a small work station is probably the best choice. However, if you are going to be doing lots of paperwork and need storage space a roll top computer desk is probably your best option.

A roll top computer desk has plenty of room for all your computer components including the monitor, CPU, and printer. There is also a great deal of under the desk storage for work files. Upper storage includes shelving for books and drawers for CDs, pens, and other accessories. A roll top computer desk can fit easily along any wall or corner and will not dominate the space that is resides in. A computer desk, especially in a living room, should not be the focal point. This is why a roll top computer desk is a great solution. Most roll top computer desks come with wheels, so it can easily be moved from room to room and even hidden away if necessary.

Roll top computer desks look as if they are antiques. Roll top desks were extremely popular in the late 1880s, as a space saving writing desk for small houses or apartments. Today, the look and feel of this type of desk has been modified to fit all the components of a modern office. This unique and stylish desk is a great way to keep the computer in public living spaces without having to look at computer equipment constantly.

For parents who want to make sure they keep an eye on their children’s online activities, a roll top computer desk is a great addition to a living or dining room. Roll top computer desks can also be locked up to keep work papers safe, or the kids off the computer late at night. If you are looking for an elegant, solid, but small work station a roll top computer desk may be just what you need.