If you are looking to outfit your home office but need to save some cash, consider purchasing an Ikea glass desk. The Swedish store sells everything from furniture to pots and pans to desk accessories to children’s toys and is quickly becoming one of the most popular retail stores on the planet. Typically, Ikea’s signature style is more modern and minimalist than flashy or flamboyant. Also, the store’s clever packaging methods (for example, packing everything needed to assemble a given piece of furniture in a slim, flat box) in addition to the industrial, warehouse feel of the store saves you money at every turn. Although Ikea has furniture made of wood, one of their most spectacular pieces is the Ikea glass desk.

One great thing about an Ikea glass desk is undoubtedly the price. The entire store allows you to outfit your home on the most meager budget, but is especially great for your home office. In addition to a stunning desk, you can purchase storage units, office chairs, seating, lighting, floor coverings, decorative accessories, and organizational items at Ikea that are stylishly stunning and inexpensive. If you choose an Ikea glass desk, consider following the theme of contemporary design throughout the room by purchasing other modern pieces to fit into the concept of your room.

Do not think that an Ikea glass desk can only be used in home offices with a contemporary or modern design. A trend that is gaining popularity in the design world involves mixing several different design styles. Consider pairing a streamlined glass desk with an intricately patterned Persian rug and delicately carved chairs. Channel Frank Lloyd Wright and the famous Prairie style by using clean lines of handcrafted wood items to soften the hard appearance of glass. Use the popular shabby chic or cottage style and pair soft colors, fabrics with worn textures, and other comfortable pieces with your Ikea glass desk.

Like all furniture from the Swedish superstore, an Ikea glass desk does require some assembly. The famous wrench is included in the package with all other necessary nuts and bolts that are required in the assembly of your piece. Typically, this assembly process takes only a few minutes and no special tools are required, so no additional purchases are necessary. There is something to be said about the satisfaction of assembling an item of furniture that will serve a useful purpose of your home, and there is something more to be said about the money you will save by assembling your Ikea glass desk in the comfort of your own home.

Although your Ikea glass desk may save you cash in your budget, it is sure to add a unique and lovely look to your home office. A glass desk is a great way of keeping small rooms from feeling cramped by large furniture and provides a light, airy, and stylish aspect to a room that is generally not thought of as design worthy. By choosing an Ikea glass desk, you can funnel your savings into other parts of your budget while still enjoying a quality piece of usable furniture.