If you enjoy a contemporary, industrial type look and need furniture for your office, then you might think about buying a tanker desk. Made from heavy-duty steel in various finishes, the tanker desk is simplistic yet powerful enough to make a statement. This highly functional desk works well with all decors although it is a dramatic addition to a modern style room.

The retro look you find with a tanker desk has a definite appeal. While you can find manufacturers that mass-produce various styles of the tanker desk, you will also find some that are a one of a kind. Either way, this style of desk is unique, which has been popular since the 1950s and 1960s. In addition to the desk, you can also choose from tanker chairs.

While the tanker desk is not elegant or ornate, it is still beautiful in its own right, being made from natural steel. Keep in mind that in addition to the natural steel look, you can also have a tanker desk painted. For instance, if you have a retro or whimsical style office, then bright colors are probably incorporated throughout. In this case, you could have the tanker desk painted a bright red, blue, green, or yellow, enhancing the room even further.

Let us say you found a tanker desk in silver or black but you wanted to customize it. In this case, you could have the entire desk painted or if you preferred, have just the drawers painted. Other options for customizing your tanker desk include going with a vintage enamel finish, a brushed steel finish, Formica top, glass top, a Formica middle panel, and if you want, have a logo engraved on the top and middle panel. While some of these additions can be expensive, they are also a great way to personalize your tanker desk.

Authentic tanker desks are not necessarily hard to find but they will cost more than reproduction pieces. If you want this type of desk, you might start by checking with business salvage companies, estate sales, auctions, or even online. If you are having a hard time locating an authentic desk from the 1950s, then you could go with a reproduction tanker desk, which looks almost identical to the original but at a more affordable price.

More and more, we see people stepping back in time looking for different looks for the office, which is exactly what you get with a tanker desk. For instance, for years, banks were decorated with rich walnut furniture but now, you will find numerous banks going back to the retro style desk and matching, colorful chairs. The look is gorgeous, creating an impressive décor. Therefore, when you get ready to shop around for new office furniture, at least take time to look at a tanker desk to see if this might be something right for you.