The cost of a new, hardwood desk can be quite expensive, which is why many people now search out used office desks. Remember, just because something is used does not mean it is cheaply made or damaged. In fact, any used office desks are made better than a new desk. For example, if you were to compare the craftsmanship of a solid oak desk from the 19th century to a modern desk from 2006, you would see the used desk was far more beautiful, made with better materials, and designed with perfection.

Because used office desks offer character and charm that is sometimes difficult to find with newer pieces, we wanted to show you how special these period pieces are. Although you might pay more for the older desks, consider the purchase as an investment. In other words, you could use the desk and then pass it on to your children and their children’s children. The result is having a beautiful heirloom piece of furniture that has an important history to the family.

  • Edwardian – When it comes to used office desks, this style is gorgeous. Made form solid mahogany, the measurements are 54 inches wide and 31 inches deep.
  • Davenport – Another option is called a Davenport desk, which offers three locking drawers, a mahogany lined interior, and beautiful wine leather flap. Measurements for this used desk are 22 inches wide, 34 inches high and 22 inches deep.
  • Victorian – Used office desks from the Victorian era are stunning. For instance, you might choose one with a nine-drawer pedestal design, leather top, wooden knobs, and locking drawers. The measurements would vary depending on the exact desk but a common size would be 54 inches wide, 29 inches high and 30 inches deep.
  • Roll Top – Of course, nothing beats that of a roll top desk. One made in the early 20th century, constructed from solid red oak, and made with locking drawers would be an ideal piece for any home. Again, sizes do vary but a nice size is a desk measuring 42 inches wide, 40 inches high and 27 inches deep.
  • Pedestal – An early 20th century pedestal desk made from mahogany would be a gorgeous purchase. Look for one with reed posts, paneled sides, brass handles, and a leather top. A nice size to consider is a desk that is 60 inches wide, 30 inches high and 36 inches deep.

In addition to buying used office desks such as those mentioned, you could also consider reproduction pieces. If you prefer something simple, you might check your local businesses that are closing their doors to see if they will be having a furniture sale. If so, you would likely find a wonderful selection of used office desks at a huge savings.