Sitting at a traditional desk means you are limited to where you can work but with a writing desk, you can take your work with you. For instance, a lap writing desk is a great way to have a stable desk but one that simply sits in your lap. Just imagine sitting back in a recliner, out on the deck, or even on the beach while taking your desk with you. Although many styles exist, the ultra light is a favorite for convenience sake while still providing ample working space.

Let us say you worked as an Executive Assistance and you have a seminar to attend. At this meeting, you will be responsible for keeping track of guests, taking notes, and so on. However, your laptop computer is on the fritz, which means you have to go back to doing the work manually. In this case, you could take a lightweight writing desk, placing it in your lap where you can enjoy the seminar while at the same time getting all the required work done. In fact, some people will use the writing desk with a laptop, providing it more stability.

One of the most popular choices is actually shaped like a bean. With this design, the writing desk can be held comfortably on your lap, allowing you to get close to the work. In addition, this particular style of writing desk can rest on a chair’s armrests with no problem. Additional features include two elastic suspenders, designed to keep your papers and pens neatly and securely in place. At just under two pounds, this lap writing desk is a great alternative to a large office desk.

A second style of writing desk is one that sits on a stand with legs and rollers. In this case, you can pull the desk up close or push it back out of the way. The design is perfect to be used for writing or laptop support. This type of writing desk offers enough room underneath so you can sit without bumping your knees. Additionally, this writing desk can accommodate an expanded keyboard, along with mouse and mouse pad. Best of all, the writing desks adjusts for height, as well as offers a tilt angle so you can work at the position most productive for you. These two options are just a few of what you will find for the writing desk now on the market!