Are you one of the lucky people who gets to work from home? Or do you need an office in your home for personal uses?

Either way, you’ll want to create a workspace that’s inviting and that inspires you to take care of business.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to assist you in setting up the most functional home office possible.

Comfort is key

Yes, there are tons of cute office ideas online. But a pouf seat or tiny antique desk are just not going to be suitable for you know, actually working. Choose furniture that supports you comfortably – your back will thank you later.

Arrange wisely

If you’re happy in a closet or facing a corner, that’s fine. But most of us aren’t. Choose a quiet, little-traveled section of your home to set up the office. If you’re able to face a window, that’s even better.


You’re going to want to be able to light your office up for those late-night hours. Even if your space gets natural light during the day, be sure to have enough artificial light to get you through the overtime zone.

Keep it organized

Nothing conquers productivity like clutter. Make a point to straighten your office before you “clock out” every day. You’ll arrive to a neat and tidy work environment in the morning.

Relax, man

All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy. Although your office is set up primarily for work, consider stocking some fun gadgets and comfy furniture for those little recharge breaks we all need occasionally.


Bring the outside in

Live plants don’t just look nice; they’ve been shown to help improve concentration. Arrange a couple in your office if you get adequate lighting.

Color me productive

Choose a color that you love for the walls – you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at them. Blue, yellow, red, and green are all great for boosting productivity.

Hide those cords

Technology can be a huge buzzkill when it comes to style. Bundle your electronics’ cords and hide chargers and other gadgets, but make sure everything is accessible in a hurry.

Create a work-life boundary

If your office is strictly for work, then don’t mix your personal life in. Once you enter the office, tell yourself you’re in work mode. And once you’re done working, leave that mode behind for the night.

Add a personal touch

The most important key to establishing a successfully functional home office is that it suits your needs. Make the space uniquely your own and just watch your work performance take off. Hello, promotion!