Let’s face it – sometimes it’s hard to work from home. Lots of people envy those who telecommute, but it’s not always ideal to have an office right in your house. Distractions from chores and family, a disconnect from colleagues, and major motivation issues can make working from home a burden at times.

Luckily, there are changes you can make to your décor that could change remote working into a much more enjoyable experience. Here are a few design tips to enhance your home office’s look (and maybe even boost productivity!).

Take advantage of natural light

Vitamin D can do wonders for mood, and we get much of it from exposure to sunshine. As a bonus, Vitamin D also boosts immunity, so you’ll spend fewer days sick

Get comfy

You’ll want to spend more time in an office that has comfortable seating (or a standing situation if that’s what you prefer). Choose furniture you feel good in.

Go monochromatic

Rather than selecting a fussy color scheme, why not pick a color that you absolutely love and use it everywhere in your office? Color has a huge impact on mood, so if there’s a particular one that really speaks to you, go for it!


Use bookshelves artistically

Who says bookshelves are only for books? Add some photos, office toys, artwork – whatever makes you happy – to add interest and personalize your space.

Have extra seating

Whether you bring clients into your home office for meetings or just like to change things up by sitting in a new spot every now and then, having more than one chair is a great idea.