Feng shui (which is pronounced “fung shway”) is the ancient Chinese belief that the placement of objects or furnishings in specific areas can affect the energy (or chi) of the space. Unfavorable arrangements can cause discord and negativity, while auspicious presentations can bring harmony and positive energy to a room or area.

Here are 9 ways to bring positive chi to your workplace, starting with your desk.

Desk placement

For maximum positive energy flow in your office, position your desk directly opposite the office door.

Clear clutter

Tidying your desk and ridding the surface of clutter won’t just look better and enhance your productivity, it can also boost your creative juices!

Get a plant

Placing a green plant in the far left corner of your desk (as you’re sitting at it) enhances the desk’s prosperity region. Putting a plant here will help attract money and abundance!

15 minutes of fame

Putting something representing an accomplishment (an award, diploma, or just your name tag) in the rear area of the desk, if fame or recognition are what you’re after.

In need of help?

The front right corner of your desk is the area to focus on if you need a little help from your friends. Leave your phone or address book there to attract helpful people to you.


Career boost

Putting your computer right in the center front of your desk will enhance your career. Good thing, since this is where most of us set our laptops or desktops already.

Relationships and romance

If you’re single, putting a single flower in the back right corner of your desk will help attract a mate. And if you’re already in a relationship, a photo of the two of you in the same spot can amplify your bond.

Get smart

To enhance knowledge and wisdom, focus on the front left area. A reference book is a great thing to set in this corner of your desk.


A favorite family photo should be placed on the left center (side) of your desk. Adding a wooden frame will further enhance your family life.