If you work from home, chances are that you have a limited amount of room to dedicate to your office. But the chances are also good that you have a lot of work-related items and books to store in the office. Presenting: a guide to the best space-efficient shelving options for your home office.

The space-saving spine wall shelves above are from West Elm. These take up very little room, and mixing up the sizes adds a unique and stylish effect to the room.

Another option for small offices are bookshelves that fold up when they’re not in use. Freshome explains that this set is remarkable because the shelves can be used vertically or horizontally, allowing for a variety of arrangement options. They are also very lightweight.

Box shelves are a great choice for those with artistic jobs or who simply enjoy displaying things in a creative way. They can be hung in just about any configuration and are suitable for holding a variety of objects, as this set from Decordots shows. Don’t hide your beautiful objects behind a cabinet door!

XtraYard Décor provides us with a lovely example of floating shelves. This particular set is made of glass, so the shelves virtually disappear. What a great way to give the illusion of a more spacious room.

The photo above also depicts a set of floating shelves, but painted in a vibrant color. These shelves draw attention, as opposed to the glass set featured earlier. Via Shelterness

For the ultimate in compact shelving options, look no further than this combo shelf/desk set from Mastercraft LBI. This custom piece of furniture would be ideal in any tiny office space, even one that’s tucked into the corner of a room with another function.

The Container Store offers this simple, but space-saving, set of shelves that can be configured any way you want. Flexibility is key to an effective organization system in a small office, and these fit the bill.

Don’t rule out attractive and unique shelving options just because your home office space is on the small side. There are plenty of choices out there that will provide your work are with the organization and access you need to run your business efficiently.