At this year’s annual Architectural Digest Design Show, visionary interior artist Amy Lau was selected to create a haven for attendees to refresh and recharge.

The result was a space called the AD Design Studio, which Lau explained was “a work environment where you’d get inspired.”

Designer Lau later shared her tips for constructing a workspace that is both calming and inspirational, and described some cutting-edge trends in office décor. You can use these guidelines in your home office, to cultivate a workspace that’s both unique and stylish.

Top brass: “A lot of the furniture you see here has accents of brass,” explains Lau. Once considered outdated, the warm-toned metal is back in a big way. Use it sparingly to create drama in a room.

Incorporate elements of the outdoors. “We spend so much time inside. I really wanted to bring the outside in. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations,” says Lau.


Neutral, neutral, neutral. Lau says that it’s hard to go wrong with a neutral palette: “For this project I worked mainly in off-whites and beige.”

Texturize. Lau works with a variety of textures: in this space she incorporated cork, fur, metal, fabric, and natural moss and foliage.

Use your imagination, and use it to design the space that works best for your home office needs.