A desk organizer is a simple tool for staying organized, especially if you are working from home. Working from home has it’s benefits – comfy clothes, fewer interruptions, and no commute to work, right? However, family life and work life can easily be blurred and organization can often take a back seat. There is no need to keep a clean desk. After all, your boss won’t be coming over to chat. Staying organize is the key to be a productive telecommuter. A desk organizer is an inexpensive way to keep all your home office papers and equipment at hand but neatly put away.

Working from home can lead to disorganization, lack of structured time, and often a loss of identity. There are a number of great ways to make sure you work from home experiences are both fun and rewarding. At home make sure you have your own dedicated work space that is equipped with a desk organizer.

Even if you do not have a room to dedicate fully to work make sure you have a table or desk that is to be used only for work. You also want to make sure you schedule your time. Try to do certain tasks at the same time each day to keep your self structured. A desk organizer can help because they often include a task list manager which can help you prioritize what needs to be done.

A desk manager makes sure all your desk items are right where you need them. Having to hunt for a pencil, a pair of scissors, or the stapler can take up a great deal of time you could spend being productive. In addition, a desk organizer can be taken off the desk when not in use to expand your work space or quickly clean up the area if company is coming over. Desk organizers come in several designs, sizes, and shapes.

Desk organizer caddies are great because they come with a handle and be taken where ever you need to go. Especially if you are constantly having to visitor clients or work on site, you can make sure you have all your necessary tools on hand and ready to go. Desk organizers are also available as a software suites which are installed on your computer.

This type of software comes with a note pad, email software, calendar, expense spreadsheet, note and file organizers. Many of these programs will allow you to hot link to a palm pilot or other type of electronic portable desk organizer. This will allow you to quickly upload important files and take them with you to lunch or to work. If you need to get organized and are feeling overwhelmed start small and get yourself a desk organizer.