Even those of us who work from home experience the same stressful tension that folks who commute to an office deal with on a daily basis. Long hours spent staring at computer screens, bad posture, and work related stress can really affect our well-being.

Luckily, there’s a fun and inexpensive way to deal with work-related stress: toys! Here are five of the best stress-relieving toys out there.

Giant Stress Ball

This is one of those regular foam stress balls, but in a jumbo size. You can really pound your tension away with this ball, available in many colors.


White Noise Machine

What a better way to calm yourself than with the neutral and peaceful sound of white noise? This model can also help with sleep. Bonus: white noise has shown effective in the treatment of tinnitus.


Fidget Rings

If you tend to get fidgety when you’re nervous or stressed, “fidget rings” might be the solution for you. They’ll help direct that tension into one focused movement.


Zen Garden

Yes, they make Zen gardens for your desktop! Create meditative patterns in the sand with the included rake and broom, and feel your tension melt away.


Coloring Books

Not just for kids anymore, coloring books have taken off in popularity among adults. There are even coloring book clubs now. Study after study has shown that the act of coloring is therapeutic, and it also stimulates creativity.

This book, Enchanted Forest, provides a quiet escape from a hectic workday.

enchanted forest