Trying to find the perfect gift for a boss or an executive can be difficult but one item you can never go wrong with desk clocks. In addition to helping keep the individual on time for important meetings or other scheduled events, desk clocks can be used as a decorative piece. Therefore, instead of running around aimlessly when shopping for the perfect gift, we suggest you begin your search with clocks.

With thousands of beautiful designs for desk clocks, you will surely find a number of choices that fit the person and occasion perfectly. After all, each person has a different office design so you want the clock to fit. For instance, you might have a boss that prefers things contemporary, you know, streamlined and clean. However, perhaps the person enjoys the richness and sophistication of Old World. Regardless of the preferred style, you will find a wide selection of desk clocks that would enhance the overall style.

Although you can find desk clocks at furniture stores, retail stores, department stores, and clock shops, we also suggest you consider the internet. The benefit here is that you get far more selection and many times, better pricing. Because you can shop for desk clocks from literally any country, you will find unique items, something that no other person would have, thus making the gift all the more impressive. The only thing with online purchases is the shipping but in most cases, this too is very affordable. While you could conduct your own search, we wanted to provide you with some leads on companies that design and manufacturer desk clocks for you to consider.

  • Theisen Clock and Novelty ( – Desk clocks made by Theisen are handcrafted, using only quality material. This company offers unique designs, years of experience in woodworking, and exceptional customer support. Best of all, Theisen desk clocks are affordable.
  • The Clock Depot ( – Desk clocks here are specially made by Seth Thomas and Howard Miller. In fact, you can look at the Seth Thomas Heirloom Collection, which is wonderful set of replica’s from the mid to late 1800s. With incredible detailing and style, these desk clocks are considered among the most gorgeous.
  • Janway ( – For a distinctive gift, Janway offers many great choices of desk clocks. This family-owned and operated business has been in existence since 1981. Although located in Pennsylvania, you can have any clock shipped for a reasonable fee.
  • Everything Furniture ( – When it comes to beautiful gifts, this company sells Movado desk clocks. These clocks are expertly made by La Chaux-de-Fonds, a Switzerland company that has been around since 1881. With 101 patents and more than 200 international awards to back the creations, you can be sure these desk clocks are not just innovatively designed but also balanced with high technology.