Desk sets were commonly used in the “good old days” as a way to keep the desk space organized and looking stylish. These historic elements are incredibly popular today for collector’s items and can run up a pretty penny in antique stores and auctions. However, does anyone still use these sets in a contemporary setting? Has the desk set gone the way of the dinosaurs, never to be used again? You may be surprised to see desk sets popping up in offices today, but they have evolved to fit the needs of today.

Typically, desk sets are the first things that executive purchase, and the more expensive the better! Designer desk sets are available by all the top name manufacturers in the design world with astronomical price tags. In fact, those antique sets are getting a second chance and appearing on executive desks in offices all over the country. The old saying “what is old is new again” could not be truer. However, do these pricey desk accessories serve a purpose? The answer is an astounding yes! They serve a purpose of the first impression, which is the reason why most executives have a decorative letter opener on their desk, although it has never been used. Desk sets convey a sense of elegance and personality, so you may want to think of investing in one as a conversation starter.

However, some elements of desk sets still serve their purpose. Generally, desk sets include a business card holder, note pad, letter holder, paper tray, and storage for pens. These items are still used today just like in the “good old days.” Although electronic documents are coming into their own, there is still a good amount of paper that circulates around an office. For this reason, these storage and organizational tools are still necessary. One of the best purposes of desk sets are their ability to keep your desk looking organized and avoid those chaotic piles.

Today’s desks sets are taking a modern turn as well. Items like personalized mouse pads and mice are being added to the mix. Since every desk set is supposed to reflect the personal style of the individual on whose desk it rests, these pieces should say something about you as well. Mouse pads of all shapes, sizes, colors, and themes can be purchased, but consider swapping out that standard advertising pad for a more refined leather pad. Also, that dirty plastic mouse can be replaced with an elegant sterling silver one, complete with your monogram, bringing an old fashion charm to modern desk sets.

Desk sets are available in many different outlets, but one of the best places to purchase one is the World Wide Web. Instead of an office supply store with a limited quantity of low quality items, turn to a cyber shop that specializes in selling high quality sets that would look right at home on an executive’s desk. Furthermore, these desk sets are available at bargain prices, so you can look like a million bucks without dishing out the dough.