There is no better way to add to the comfort of your office, whether it is at home or where you work, than by adding some simple desk accessories. These desk accessories will mostly serve utilitarian purposes, some of a physical nature and some to help you along mentally as you grind through the day’s work. Here are some of the things I consider essential desk accessories.

A picture: For the family person, a picture of your spouse or kids will help to remind you of what it is you are doing this for. There is nothing better on a bad day when nothing is going right than to look over from your workspace and see the faces of your loved ones smiling at you. Bring in your favorite family picture or separate pictures to help get you focused when it seems like the only thing you want to do is tell your boss to shove it and print out your resume. For those people without families, comfort can be sought in the faces of a boyfriend or girlfriend, a pet, or parents and siblings. The idea is to remind you that there is a world outside of work that is waiting for you.

Desktop Calendar: The stand up variety is best, and there are unlimited models to choose from. Calendars filled with famous and inspirational sayings can be great to put you in a good mental spot for the workday. Picking a desktop with your favorite cartoon will start your day off with a smile- my personal favorite will always be the Far Side, in fact there has not yet been a calendar to replace it as far as desktops go. You should avoid risqué calendars in your workplace, as they could lead to legal action or disciplinary measures in today’s environment. A calendar will also help you to keep track of important deadlines and occasions.

Organizers: Organizers are a very broad area of desk accessories. They can be as simple as an in/out paper organizer, or complex enough to include all your stationery, completed documents, and writing material needs. The best are size appropriate organizers which have several slots for documents as well as holes for various pens, pencils, and highliters. Places for post-it notes and tape holders are also great on an organizer.

Reading Stand: Great for when you are transcribing, a book holder will stand up on your desk and allow you to read the document as you type. You can purchase a model that is meant for your desk or even one that clips onto the edge of your monitor, although the latter is suitable for smaller sheets of paper only.

Purchasing the right desk accessories can make all the difference to your work day. Practical and efficient, desk accessories can help you get organized both physically and mentally for your work day.