Today, the number of people with offices in the home is staggering, which is why both paper and home office shredder for a CD is so important. Whether the home office is used for actual business or for hobbies, your information is personal. Unfortunately, along with the rise of home offices, theft identity is also on the rise.

The problem is that while most people know the importance of shredding documents, few people think about CD’s. The truth is that vital information about health, finances, credit cards, family, work, and much more can be saved to a CD. Commonly, people believe that cutting the CD into small pieces or breaking it in half is all that is needed to protect the information found on the CD.

Another misunderstanding about CD’s is that once the information is erased, it is forever gone. However, professional hackers and identity thefts have the knowledge and tools to extract information you thought was gone. For this reason, you need to protect you, your family, and your personal assets by using a home shredder for a CD. Just as with paper shredders, these CD shredders can be found at home office supply and computer stores and models range in price from $150 to $1,000, depending on specific needs.

With a home office shredder for a CD, you can destroy both CD’s and floppy disks in a matter of seconds. A home office shredder for a CD is designed to destroy CD’s that hold literally megabytes data, which equates to thousands of papers, some that would obviously contain sensitive material. Once the CDs, floppy disks, or DVDs are shredded, they become small, unreadable shards of plastic that is absolutely, useless.

One option is a heavy-duty personal shredder that is for people who have significant amounts of shredding. Designed with a 9.25-inch throat, this particular home office shredder for CD has a special angled head, eliminating the need to pull the shredder from beneath the desk. Instead, you simply place the paper, CD, or floppy disk into the feeder and in a second, the data is permanently destroyed.

Then, taking the shredder up one-step, you could choose another heavy-duty model that is great for both personal and business use. Included with the home office shredder for CD is a 13-gallon bin. The best feature is the continuous duty motor, which means you never have to go through a cool-down period that can waste precious work time. With a home office shredder for CD, you never again have to worry about your business being stolen!