As you will discover in this article, your options for a new desk phone are very different from years ago. Although thousands of industries and millions of companies use a desk phone, probably one of the jobs where a desk phone is used most is on the Help Desk. People working a Help Desk are taking incoming calls all day, as well as making outgoing calls to both internal and external customers.

Obviously, people working a Help Desk need something that is reliable, loaded with the right type of features. For instance, if you were calling customer service, trying to get answers about a bad product or problem with an existing service, the last thing you want is to hear a busy signal. For this reason, the Help Desk you are trying to call needs a system that will provide you with quality and quick care.

Even a new desk phone for a home office should have the right features. For instance, if you were running a home office, then you probably need a new desk phone with multiple lines, a hold button, and perhaps a mute button. Of course, you will need to base the purchase of your new desk phone against the features more important to you and your business or personal needs.

In addition to your new desk phone, you will need to think about services needed. As an example, three-way calling is a great way to initiate a conference type call without actually purchasing a conference line. With this, you can still keep the original person on the phone, click over to a dial tone, call a third person, and then bring them into the call. As you can imagine, when trying to solve disputes such as that between a vendor and buyer, three-way calling is very beneficial.

Another service you might consider for your new desk phone is speed calling. In this case, you would be able to dial frequently called numbers by pressing a special code. Best of all, many types of desk phone will have a feature whereby as many as 24 numbers could be stored. This feature is easy to program and the bottom line is that speed calling will save you time.

Today, most people add call waiting to a desk phone, which allows you to take a second incoming call while still on the first call. If you have caller ID, then you can determine if you want or need to take the second call. If not, the call would go into voicemail if set up properly. If you need to take the call, you simply click over to the second call, which automatically puts the first call on hold. When buying a new desk phone, consider services you need along with features so you choose the right model.