Most office or desk chairs are expensive so when something breaks, rather than go out to buy a new one, you want to find reasonably priced office chair parts. Depending on the part that has broken, you might be able to find the replacement piece locally. However, if not, you can always use the power of the internet to locate all types of office chair parts and usually at great prices. Just remember that shipping can be expensive so pay attention.

As you will discover in this article, office chair parts could be any number of things but in most cases, replacement parts are available.

  • Gas Cylinders – For a swivel chair, gas cylinders are what help with height adjustment. The standard size is 1.012” in diameter, which is the worldwide standard. For these office chair parts, you might start by looking on the cylinder body to see if the part number is stamped on. To replace this part, you would need to remove the taper press fit first.
  • Replacement Bearing Kit – Over time, the bearings on an office chair can wear down or break. A six-bearing kit is usually less than $10 and anytime the base of the chair is removed, these office chair parts should be replaced.
  • Casters – The wheels or casters located on the base of the chair can also wear down. In fact, they can also become stuck, not allowing them to roll properly. These office chair parts are very inexpensive and you will find styles made for mats, carpeting, and hard flooring.
  • Bottom Plate – This part of the chair, whether gas or manual, is the base of the chair on which the casters are attached. With four to six arms that offer balance for the chair, these can sometimes break, although rare. However, to replace these office chair parts, you would spend anywhere fro $100 to $200 for a quality replacement piece.

No matter which office chair parts are damaged, check online for direct wholesale companies that sell new products at discounted prices. In addition, we recommend you check out online auctions such as and In both cases, some of the harder to find office chair parts could likely be found. You might also check out local office salvage stores, thrift stores, auctions, estate sales, and even garage sales where you might find the exact office chair parts needed.