This question, “What is the most comfortable office chair” is one commonly heard and for good reason. People working in the office or at home quickly find that not all chairs are created equal. Unfortunately, experiencing neck and back pain is a huge problem due to improper seating. Because this problem has increased the number of insurance claims, more and more companies and individuals are looking for solutions to cut back these costs while providing a more comfortable option for workers, meaning higher levels of production.

The bottom line is that sitting in an office chair for any length of time can create back pain or exaggerate existing back pain. What happens is that static posture actually adds stress to the back, neck, shoulders, as well as the arms and legs and unfortunately, this coupled with people’s natural problem of slouching creates a serious issue. Using a bad chair and poor posture over time puts a person at higher risk of back strain, which also affects a person’s overall health and ability to do his or her job.

Okay, so what is the most comfortable office chair to help correct this challenge? The number one choice is an ergonomic chair. If the chair is used according to design, it can help improve back support while correcting posture. Just remember that for an ergonomic office chair to work, it must be adjusted to the height of the workspace, the person’s height, and the sitting pattern. We see a huge number of corporations now offering employees ergonomic chairs, realizing the huge benefits.

Okay, to expand on the “What is the most comfortable chair” controversy, you will also see people using some European designs known as the Swedish exercise ball and Swedish kneeling chair. In this case, you have no back on the chair, which might seem less supportive but in truth, the design positions the body so it balances better, thus providing better posture and less strain on the back. In both cases, you want to remember that a person’s muscles are used more than what would be used with a standard type of office chair. However, for many individuals, the ball and kneeling chair have proven to be highly successful.

The truth is that the best chair depends on a number of factors. For starters, if you start to experience back, neck, or shoulder pain, talk to your doctor. This way, other health problems can be eliminated. Once that has been completed, you can work with your employer in getting the right type of chair specific to your needs. You will still find some companies require a prescription to order you a special chair so it is important to talk to your human resources department to determine the appropriate line of authority. When it comes to what is the most comfortable office chair, we would suggest an ergonomic solution but again, talk to your doctor and/or company for other possible options.