Today, ergonomic office chairs can be found in offices around the world. In the age of computers and modern technology most people who work in an office environment sit for more than eight hours a day. This is why it is so important that ergonomic office chairs be incorporated into every office. This type of chair helps reduce shoulder, back, and neck strain. They can be adjusted to the right height. This will help make sure that an individual can keep his feet flatly on the floor while still being able to reach his keyboard and work at his desk comfortably.

Ergonomic chairs do cost more than normal office chairs however they are well worth the additional cost – happy and healthy employees are productive employees. When selecting the right ergonomic office chairs that are right for you or your company there are several things to consider.

The first features which should be researched, when purchasing ergonomic office chairs, are the adjustable seat, proper lumbar support, backrest, seat dimensions (width and depth), appropriate arm rests, and a smooth swivel. Make sure, once you purchase your ergonomic office chairs, you read the manual to make sure all parts are present and all functions are working properly. Ergonomic office chairs should never be used if they are found to be defective in any way. Most companies have at least a limited warranty and you should have no problem returning the chair for a refund or a new chair.

Most ergonomic office chair companies will actually have agents who make ‘house calls’. They come into your office and customize each employee’s chair to ensure that each chair is appropriate for their body size and personal needs. In the world of ergonomic office chairs there is no ‘one size fits all’. What suits on person will not be ideal for another. While buying in bulk is a great way to save money it does not save time. Many wholesale chair retailers have strict no return policies. Be sure that you understand any policies and warranties before purchasing your office chairs.

Once you have your ergonomic office chair be sure that you have good posture. Most ergonomic office chairs come with a manual advising what is good posture and how to achieve it. Having the chair alone will not prevent back and spine problems if the chair is not used correctly. An individual’s feet should always remain on the ground. In addition, the chair should offer proper lumbar support. This means that the curve of your back should fit comfortably into your new office chair. Make sure you to utilize your armrests. They allow for your shoulders to remain in a relaxed position while working at a desk. Ergonomic office chairs are one of many ways to keep your back healthy and be more productive at work.