You do not have to be an executive, directing the daily activities of 100 people, to enjoy the use of an executive office chair. What makes a chair an executive office chair? Actually, there are several key items to look for in a comfortable and durable chair. The executive office chair usually has a high back, one that provides support at head level. The perfect chair should also have padded arms at a comfortable height. The seat cushion should yield somewhat when you sit in it but should not be too soft. In addition, the executive office chair should roll and swivel quietly and with ease.

So, what does it cost to get all this? Even those on a limited budget can add an executive office chair to their workspace. For example, a good quality chair that meet all of the above guidelines can be purchased for just over $100. This chair makes only one concession – it has a mesh back for ventilation, not the thick, padded leather back of a more showy executive office chair.

Do you want to move up the scale a bit? Then maybe the high back, black imitation-leather swivel chair is for you. This model has a solid chrome base, thickly padded back and seat, and curved arms. Yet it is available for about $160. A slightly more expensive choice would be the soft vinyl chair with button-tufted back, wood grain arms, and base. Most chairs in this style are available in black and the deep red of oxblood.

For the top-of-the-line executive office or suite, several companies offer the real leather, tufted executive swivel chair. This comfortable chair has the look and feel of a recliner, with hand-driven brass tacks and a hardwood frame that is stained by hand to a deep brown. Be prepared to spend $800 or more on a chair of this quality.

There is another key element to keep in mind as you shop for the perfect executive office chair – durability. Not all good-looking chairs are equal. Be sure that you inspect the base, the casters, and the arms to make sure they will stand up to daily use. In addition, the height adjustment mechanism varies with different manufacturers, so be sure to look at this item and ask a salesperson about it. It may be good to talk with three or more people who use an executive office chair on a daily basis to learn about their experience. Just remember, when you make the final decision, you want to be sure that the executive office chair fits your style and your body.