Today’s office is changing dramatically from desks to bookshelves to computer chairs. Because we see a growing number of aging in the workplace, the design of computer chairs has also changed to accommodate. For instance, in the next few years, the number of employees in the workplace over the age of 55 will be just over 34 million. While the younger generation can sit about anywhere, it seems as we age that our backs need more support, we need an easier way to rise and sit, and so on.

With the aging and need for different styles of computer chairs, manufacturers are adapting designs left and right. In addition to working being more comfortable, these new styles of computer chairs also reduce the number of injuries from tipping or poor posture. For the company, the investment in better or more appropriate computer chairs means higher levels of production and lower worker’s compensation claims. To give you an idea of what we are talking about, the following are just a few of the computer chair trends now on the market.

  • Ergonomic Chairs – Of all computer chair trends, the various styles of ergonomic chairs are among the most popular. These chairs are specifically designed to contour to the body, which provides better support and a more healthy choice.
  • Aeron Chair – This computer chair is designed by a leader – Herman Miller. The style is distinctive in both appearance and functionality. In addition, you would enjoy a number of special ergonomic features along with traditional fabric on the foam seating.
  • Celle Chair – Another Herman Miller design, this computer chair offers seat depth adjustment to fit any body. In fact, this chair is made to mold to the person’s body for shape and motion.
  • Freedom Chair – One of the most amazing trends in computer chair is made by Humanscale. The ergonomic design offers maximum comfort and benefits. Although you would initially make a few manual adjustments, from that point forward, the chair remembers. That means the chair becomes the brain, automatically providing any adjustment specific to your body whenever needed.
  • Quick-ship Caper – If you need a chair with flexibility for various workspaces, the Quick-ship Caper is an ideal choice. Also made by Herman Miller, the chair is lightweight, colorful, and affordable.
  • Cloud 9 – This computer chair is made by Neutral Posture, perfect for the executive. Considered a top ergonomic computer chair, you would enjoy luxury and support, providing you with a stress-free sensory experience every time you go to work.