Although people usually want a larger desk, sometimes, a small computer desk is best. As you will discover in this article, a small computer desk is actually the better solution for many people. Still offering plenty of surface for working, as well as drawers or shelves for storage, the only difference between this and another computer desk is size. In other words, you still have most of what you need to get the job done but without using an oversized piece of furniture.

For instance, let us say you had a child heading off to college. Typically, dorm rooms are small. Then, if your child were going to share a room with another student, you can be sure every inch of space will be used. However, college students definitely have need for a computer to perform research, write essays, and create term papers. In a situation such as this, a small computer desk would be ideal. While it provides a desk, it does not take up much space in an already tiny dorm room.

Another situation where a small computer desk would be ideal is for a bedroom where you have two children sharing. Again, the kids need space for doing homework but with the house full of furniture, there is no room for anything else. Therefore, buying a small computer desk could sit nicely in between two beds, a piece of furniture shared. Now, keep in mind that if you keep a computer in a child’s room, strict supervision is recommended.

Most often, a small computer desk can be purchased from a number of places. For instance, you could buy this type of desk from a full furniture store or for very little money, from a retail store such as Kmart or Wal-Mart. Typically, the smaller desks purchased from retail stores need to be assembled but in return, you save tremendous money. Keep in mind that while the self-assembly desk may not be as substantial as an expensive, solid oak desk, it would likely work quite well.

Of course, you can also find a small computer desk through a number of other resources. For instance, you might shop online, check with local thrift stores, check out weekend auctions or estate sales, and so on. Unlike a full size desk needed for a home business, a small computer desk is a nice alternative when not much space is required. In addition, you can find just about any style you like.

For instance, you could buy a small computer desk made from stainless steel or wrought iron and a tempered glass top. Another beautiful option would be one made from hardwood such as oak or cherry but coupled with veneers. Then, you might consider a wicker desk, which works well with any décor. With a small computer desk, you could make a young child or teenager a very happy individual, making this a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift.