With the abundance of computer desks out there, odds are you will find one to suit your needs. That said, for every good desk out there, there are ten of what I would consider bad computer desks. These desks are missing some vital component that is necessary for a functional work space.

Getting the wrong computer desk will result in a cramped, uncomfortable, an even unhealthy experience. So watch out for these four main areas when you go shopping for a new desk.

Is It Quality Made?

It can be very tempting to skip over that higher-priced wood model desk and instead go for the much cheaper, particle board-faux-oak-style desk.

In addition to expense, particle board desks are often easier to set up than a solid wood desk would be.

Particle board is cheap, but it is also very cheaply made. It will not take long before the desk begins to fall apart, and the result will be a very ugly piece of furniture in your room that may even cause some damage to your very expensive computer system.

Don’t let the price be your primary factor. Of course we can’t all afford the most expensive furniture, but if you buy a good desk, you will have it for years and years down the road. Keep that fact in mind.

Is There Enough Space?

While some computers don’t require much space, of course, if you’re getting a desk for your computer (as opposed to just sitting on your couch with a laptop or a tablet), then there’s a good chance that you’ll either have a larger model computer or you will be using your computer for work.

For this reason, your desk should be spacious and allow for some storage of materials that are unrelated to your computer directly.

There should be a spot for your monitor (or all-in-one desktop), of course, but there should also be space for things such as your keyboard, printer ( unless you have wi-fi enabled one), and speakers.

You’ll probably also want to be able to at least fit a sheet of paper comfortably on your desk — either for reading or writing purposed.

Is There Wire Access?

One more note: many computer desks are displayed in such a way that you cannot see the back- this is vital, because you will need to make sure that you have access for any wires that run to the portals in your stack. As most stacks have these portals at the back, it is important to check if there is easy access for you.

Shelving, Racks, Drawers?

You should also consider drawers, racks, and shelves. Do you need these features? Maybe you don’t. But don’t forget to at least consider them.

These additions will make sure that your desk remains uncluttered and is beneficial as a stress free work space. All of these space savers should be easy to access without getting in the way of your work.

Think Through This Purchase

Purchasing computer desks is a major shopping experience, and there are different considerations involved as there would be with a standard office desk.

It is vital that your computer desk fulfill several important aspects in order that the time you spend working on your computer be a good experience. Bad computer desks are available in abundance, and hopefully this list helps you to avoid bringing one home.