Purchasing a computer desk will be one of your most important home furniture requirements. Most families use the computer today more than they use any other electronic device, as a means of work, of staying in touch with friends and family, as research tools, and as entertainment. The computer desk you buy needs to satisfy several criteria in order for you and your family to enjoy their computer time to its fullest.


A computer system comes with a lot of components, and a good computer desk should allow for the storage of all these components in such as way that the workspace is not cluttered and also with the health of the individual in mind. An ideal desk will have an elevated platform for your monitor, which is a comfortable and safe distance away from your eyes, without having to strain in order to see the screen.


You will want to be able to store the different components of your computer out of the way yet with easy access when you need them. Sliding trays that are set a comfortable distance below the top of the desk are great ideas for keyboards- they allow for more top space and also help out with correct typing posture. The extra table space will allow some room for your printer, or you can purchase a desk that incorporates a second surface or even a side table for your printer. A great desk will include a top were you can set you speakers (or side shelves beside the monitor) as well as a compartment for your stack. All computer desks should allow for easy access to any wires that connect your computer’s components, and this is often the area where lower priced models are severely lacking.


Shelves, drawers, and racks are all important considerations for the perfect computer desk. There should be a coupe of drawers where you can store pens, pencils, tape, and other needs you may have for purposes that will assist you while you work on your computer. Shelves should vary in size- you will need one that can hold your printer paper as well as a shelf on your desk that will fit your sub-woofer, if you have one. There should also be shelves where you can store books for any current research on projects you are doing. Most people find that sooner or later they wish they had purchased a computer desk that had some built in shelves for holding their CDs or DVDs. These racks area great inclusion and will save a lot of space as well as keeping your area organized.