Typically, writing desks have been associated with the female members of any home. These smaller scale desks usually feature delicate carvings and lovely hardware that quickly identify them as belonging to a lady. Furthermore, many of these writing desks were made of beautiful natural materials in complicated finishes and techniques that bring a pretty penny on today’s market. Although the writing desk may no longer be used for writing, it is still popular in the trendy cottage chic design style of today. Many cottage chic homes repurpose writing desks for all different tasks, so consider using one in your home.

Writing desks were once used for correspondence, which is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Although you may not need a specific area to write letters to your friends and family, a writing desk is perfect for keeping your life organized. Many of these types desks include cubbies, drawers, and doors that allowed their previous occupants to keep papers carefully organized and always within arm’s reach. The same goes for today, as modern writing desks are being outfitted with all types of storage components to store everything from bills to stationery to electronic devices.

One of the reasons why cottage chic is so popular is the same reason why writing desks are back and better than ever. These lovely desks allow you a practical purpose without looking institutional. For this reason, what better way to house a laptop computer than on a writing desk? Laptops are quickly replacing desktops for their light weight and their easily portability, but they still need some place to rest when they are at home. Taking old fashioned writing desks and updating them to fit a laptop computer and any peripheral equipment is one way to include a home office in your cottage chic home.

Some writing desks mimic the look of a table, while hiding the workings of a desk. These beautiful pieces have been quickly snapped up by those cottage chic fans that want a table’s surface, but need the hidden storage capacity to hold papers and other items. With a writing desk that has this capacity, you are truly getting the best of both worlds! Furthermore, the design of these popular writing desks is such that can easily be included into the overall look of cottage chic, especially if the finish is worn and faded.

Writing desks are great accents to any home, mainly because they are terrifically functional in addition to beautiful. Anyone who is interested in setting up a home office in a spare room or an unused corner will find that the delicateness and unique styling of a writing desk is perfect for the cottage chic theme. Furthermore, these desks are able to accommodate laptop computers, so that your piece of equipment can have a space of its own. Writing desks are available in antique stores, flea markets, online auction, or purchase new from your local furniture store, so you are sure to find a style and size that fits into your lifestyle and your home.