If you want something different, something with character and style, then perhaps a discount, log furniture desk is the answer. The interesting thing about log furniture is that while you immediately associated the style with a rustic decorum, you will actually find a discount, log furniture desk in transitional and contemporary homes as well. What make this type of desk so unique are two things – the look but more importantly, the realization of craftsmanship that went into the making of the desk.

One of the most popular types of log furniture is Adirondack, which is beautifully crafted from Northern white cedar. This wood is 100% natural and the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use. Having been around for many years, Adirondack offers only the best quality material and workmanship in each piece made and sold. Keep in mind that with a discount, log furniture desk made from Adirondack, whole logs are used, each with distinct checks and cracks. Therefore, you want to expect and enjoy the natural integrity of the wood, which occurs during the drying process.

In addition to Adirondack furniture, you will find some other gorgeous pieces made for office use. For instance, you might go with a desk that features things such as a pullout keyboard tray, pullout computer tower, and back tower access door. Made from kiln-dried lumber and an aspen trim, the design is simply stunning. For the sides, this type of discount, log furniture desk has rough-cut lumber panels, which gives the desk even more charm. Finally, this desk comes with dovetail drawers, along with a front slab drawer.

If you want a discount, log furniture desk that has an old time look but a smooth touch, you can find that too. In this case, the desk is still made with kiln-dried lumber with beautiful color variations to include saw marks for distinction. The result is the rustic look you love but a smooth surface to avoid splinters. When shopping for any desk made from lumber, we suggest you ask the manufacturer about the amount of time the wood is kept outside, which means better stabilization due to preparing the wood for moisture content. In addition, all desks made from log should be kiln-dried. If not, the craftsman is cutting costs, which means quality is being challenged.

The thing to remember is that even when you buy a discount, log furniture desk, you will likely pay more than you would with a traditionally made desk. The reason is that rather than being mass-produced, the log desk is handcrafted and made from real, fresh logs. However, although you would expect to pay more for a discount, log furniture desk, the look and functionality are well worth the investment, providing you with a functional piece, as well as something unique.