With the growing popularity of the home office, it is no surprise that the modern desk is taking a turn from its past ancestors. In fact, one of the most modern forms of the desk is not a desk at all in the traditional sense, but rather a home office armoire that expands to create a desk surface. If you are interested in creating an office in your home for personal or business use, consider your options before you begin outfitting the space. Just like our lifestyles, the modern desk keeps changing to accommodate the most people possible.

As opposed to desks of the past, the modern desk combines both form and function. No one would call the bulky, awkward desks of years past designer friendly or stylish, but their modern counterparts are breaking out of this shell. Instead of having two styles: industrial metal and dark cherry traditional, modern desks are available in any and every style imaginable. Whether you want to channel a cottage theme with a white washed desk ensemble or would rather think contemporary with sleek lines and unexpected materials, there is a modern desk is waiting for you.

The computer is quickly becoming one of the staple electronic items in the home, and the modern desk has taken this fact into account. Today’s desks feature special cubbies and cabinets especially for computers, printers, speakers, and all other types of related items. Furthermore, modern desks have special trays on which keyboards and mice can sit so that you can operate them in the most ergonomic setting possible. Finally, monitors have special shelves capable of raising and lowering so that you do not have to strain your neck while sitting at your modern desk.

With the popularity of the laptop computer, the modern desk is also taking these smaller, portable electronic devices into account. If you opt against a traditional desktop computer, you can easily enjoy a smaller desk that still contains all the perks of their larger counterparts. Furthermore, these desks designed to be used with laptop computers are in the latest style, allowing you to enjoy your home office without having a million cords snaking all over the place. For this reason, the modern desk is not only beautiful, but also thoughtful.

If you are limited on space in your home and find that a modern desk simply will not fit into your room, consider an armoire. Choosing an armoire is great for individuals who live in tight spaces, allowing you to physically close up the office once your work is complete so that the design and style of your room is not computer chic. Furthermore, having a home office armoire instead of a desk is a great way to keep all of your items organized and within arms reach. Instead of storing your office supplies in cubbies, cabinets, and drawers sprinkled around your home, you can keep everything neat and tidy—and well out of sight in the newest modern desk, a home office armoire.