Roll top desks, for computers, are great ways to save space in small areas. While roll top desks are usually considered a vintage piece of furniture it has recently be updated in size and structure to accommodate a computer. This is extremely useful because roll top desks can be hidden away messy desktops as well as all the accessories and computer peripherals which make even the cleanest space appear messy and unorganized. There is plenty of room in roll top desks to cover the monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU as well as CD holders, printers, scanners, and other clunky devices.

Roll top desks have many benefits that conventional desks do not. For example roll top desks in a public living space (like a living room) can easily be closed up. That way all your work items are safe and you do not have to look at it while you are trying relax. Many of the new roll top desks come with keys which can allow your things to be kept protected and private. This type of desk looks like an antique and can easily mistaken for one. Compare that to the unsightly alternatives of huge office desks.

Traditional desks are so large that they can not be moved easily. Most office desks are not at the right height to accommodate adjustable office chairs which means you will probably be working in an uncomfortable position.

The majority of these desks are made from solid wood like oak and cherry. Unlike traditional computer desks, roll top desks are beautiful to look at and can be match to the other interior design elements in your house.

Computer roll top desks can look like a normal piece of furniture and many of them can be lowered and used as a coffee table. These desks often come on wheels which is nice because it can be moved room to room or over to the couch if needed. Most have raised panels which slide or plywood backs which can be fitted with extra storage space for CPU and computer related cords.
If you are interested in purchasing roll top desks for your home you can buy them off the showroom floor or you can have them customized. Customization is nice because you can have them built to your specific size, shape, and style. They can be ergonomically designed at just the right height to make sure you are comfortable when doing your work at home. Function and style are the key characteristics in purchases office furniture for the home.

Another great benefit of roll top desks is that your computer and work items are protected from dusk which can minimize the amount of cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done.