The market is flooded with all types of solid wood computer desks but not all are designed and created equal. For instance, you could purchase an inexpensive type of computer desk, which would result in an unstable and short-lived solution. Although you might pay more for quality, it would be worth it. Generally, solid wood computer desks are affordable and designed with any type of feature needed.

The key is buying from a reputable company and choosing a desk that fits the room, as well as your style and needs. Although you could go with a desk made from fiberboard or some other material, remember that you do get what you pay for so solid wood is a much better choice. Now, different woods have varying characteristics, some good, and some not so good for desks. In this article, we have provided helpful information about various wood types.

  • Alder – This wood is great for solid wood computer desks in that it is strong and hard. Additionally, Alder can be beautifully stained.
  • Ash – Ash is also a strong wood that is often used when designing furniture frames and hidden parts of the construction. With this, you could go with White Ash, Brown Ash, or Black Ash.
  • Birch – When it comes to solid wood computer desks, Birch is an excellent choice, being stiff, hard, and strong. The grain of Birch is close and fine, giving it a magnificent look when stained.
  • Hackberry – This Native American wood is not commonly used for making solid wood computer desks, but it could be. This wood is blonde-colored that looks similar to Elm.
  • Hickory – Commonly used for the design of rustic furniture, Hickory is also a Native American wood that is heavy and hard.
  • Mahogany – Of all woods used for building solid wood computer desks, Mahogany is elegant and sophisticated.
  • Maple – One of the most popular types of woods used for making furniture, maple is both strong and elastic. Best of all, Maple wears extremely well, meaning your office furniture would last a long time.
  • Oak – Oak is another favorite when it comes to solid wood computer desks and other pieces of furniture. Oak is strong and hard, which a gorgeous coloring and grain.
  • Pine – Although some furniture makers will use pine for office furniture, it is more commonly used or cabinets, doors, and paneling. However, pine is beautiful with knots and grain.
  • Redwood – Coming from California, Redwood is known as being the most durable wood known, which is why it is a great choice in making solid wood computer desks and more.
  • Rosewood – The color of Rosewood is a reddish brown or dark chestnut, both that has a blacked grain.
  • Teak – Teakwood comes from India, Thailand, Burma, and Java. Known for its rich coloring, straight grain, and gorgeous coloring, Teak is an excellent wood choice for inside and outside use.
  • Walnut – With a soft and aesthetically pleasing grain, Walnut is a beautiful brown to chocolate brown that is wonderful for solid wood computer desks.