Plain, boring wooden desks of yesterday have quickly flown the coop and are being replaced with fantastic versions filled with imagination and personality. How often have you seen those tired wood desks discarded by the side of the road or listed for sale for a few dollars? Instead of passing up these sturdy, well made pieces of furniture for something that is considered trendier, consider doing a renovation on the piece yourself. Even if you are working on the most limited budget, use some paint, paper, or anything else under the sun to make these old wooden desks stand out once again.

For starters, the majority of the old wooden desks are incredible pieces of furniture. Granted that sturdy furniture is typically heavy furniture, many of these once cherished pieces are made from quality materials like oak or even mahogany. However, just because a piece of furniture is built like a tank and can withstand anything your family can throw its way does not mean that it will be a lovely addition in your room. For this reason, consider these great tips for giving tired wooden desks a new breath of life.

The first tip for updating wooden desks begins with opening the lid to a paint can. Far too often, these sturdy once-beauties are in too poor of shape to refinish or are in a style that is in desperate need of an update. A simple coat of paint can work wonders on any piece of furniture, but especially a desk. Consider painting the piece the same color as the trim work in order to make the piece appear to be built into your home. Or, take the opposite approach and purchase paint in rich, wild shades of colors to make your desk stand out. Remember, the only right way to update these old wooden desks is your way.

The second tip for updating wooden desks is perfect for the craftier folks. For centuries, furniture has been decorated with decoupage in order to create that one of a kind look. Decoupage is a unique process that sees pieces of paper affixed to a surface with a special type of glue. This paper can be anything from clippings from newspapers, magazines, books, ticket stubs, photographs, or anything else under the sun. Furthermore, decoupage is a great way to create a truly personal look. Once you have completed the decoupage and achieved the desired effect, be sure to seal the surface of the wood. Consider using old school papers, pictures of friends or family members, or lovely pictures found from magazines to decorate your wooden desks.

The third and final tip for updating wooden desks is to use fabric panels to cover everything except the top of the offending pieces. By simply attaching peel-and-stick Velcro tabs, you can easily create a lovely skirt for your desk. Be sure to fix the Velcro in the front to allow easy access into any storage that your desk may possess. Whether you choose to use a flirty feminine pleated skirt or a more modern panel skirt, this option is perfect for those who want to avoid changing the surface of the desk. The skirt is easily replaced by removing the Velcro tabs, making this option perfect for antique wooden desks.