Wood computer desks make a great addition to any home or business. In addition to looking nice, these desks are highly functional. Different from a traditional office desk, wood computer desks are designed specifically for computers. You will find many unique styles but most have an elevated shelf for the monitor, as well as specially drilled holes for the electrical wires. The result is a much more convenient desk, making work easier and people more productive.

As you begin searching for wood computer desks, you will likely feel a little confused by all the choices. In addition to size, style, and design, you have the decision pertaining to wood. Remember, not all wood is created equal so it is important you choose wisely. To help make the process of shopping for wood computer desks more enjoyable, we have provided helpful information about the types of woods used.


Taken from deciduous trees, which have broad leaves, produce fruit or nuts, and usually are not dormant during the cold winter months, this type of wood can withstand daily wear and tear while remaining beautiful. Although most types of hardwood are excellent for office furniture, some species do not do as well.

  • Cherry – This wood is close-grained, great for resisting shrinking or warping. Cherry has a beautiful reddish coloring that ages well and produces a very elegant appearance.
  • Mahogany – Wood computer desks made from this wood are simply gorgeous. Mahogany has a reddish brown color, is highly durable, resists shrinking, warping, and swelling, and offers a fine grain.
  • Maple – Of all hardwood choices, maple is one known for its incredible hardness and strength. Maple will shrink just slightly but makes an exceptional choice for wood computer desks.
  • Oak – A favorite for wood computer desks, as well as other furniture, oak has a unique bending quality, along with durability, great moisture resistance, and beautiful varieties of color.
  • Rosewood – This hard wood also has a dark, reddish brown color. Additionally, rosewood offers a close grain and an exclusive fragrance.
  • Shesham – This rich brown wood boasts deep grains, giving it a beautiful appearance. Additionally, wood computer desks made from shesham are extremely durable and easy to carve, which means wonderful designs perhaps not seen with other types of woods.
  • Teak – Without doubt, teak is one of the most sophisticated hardwood choices. This wood naturally resists cracking, decay, and warping, making it an outstanding option for furniture of all types.
  • Walnut – Walnut is also a strong and durable wood with a fine texture. Known for its resistance to shrinking and warping, artisans love making wood computer desks from walnut in that it is easy to handle.


Different from hardwood, softwoods come from coniferous trees, which include evergreen cone-bearing species. Although not used as often for wood computer desks, some softwoods can be used or used in addition to hardwood.

  • Cedar – Known for its unique fragrance, reddish color, and resistance to decay, cedar is used more often in chest making and closet lining. However, you might find wood computer desks that are made with some degree of cedar.
  • Fir – This wood has a uniform texture and makes a great choice for furniture. The only drawback is that fir has a low resistance to decay.
  • Hemlock – This lightweight wood is easy to work with, has a uniform texture, and can be used for furniture making. Similar to fir, it also has a low resistance to decay.
  • Pine – This softwood is easy to finish and naturally resists shrinking, warping, and swelling. Although in the softwood category, it is common to find wood computer desks made from this material.
  • Redwood – With a reddish color, this wood is lightweight but durable. In addition, redwood is resistant to decay, making it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture pieces.
  • Spruce – Probably one of the strongest of all softwood species, spruce is lightweight with moderate shrinking characteristics. Often used for ships and aircrafts, you can also find some wood computer desks and other office furniture made from this wood.