If you are looking to express your individuality within your work or home office consider custom office furniture. While “off the rack” furniture is usually less expensive it is also generic and boring. The place where you work and spend 8 or more hours a day should be an area where your personality and likes are displayed and enjoyed. Having the right custom office furniture can make all the difference in the world and inspire you to be a happier, more productive person. When choosing custom office furniture there are a number of things to consider.

The first and probably the most important decision in choosing custom office furniture is color. Most interior designers will suggest that you pick neutral colors for your office or work space. That is a very traditional approach to design and ultimately you need to feel comfortable. If you love wild colors go for it!

If you absolutely adore a color why not have custom office furniture created in the color of your choice. This will allow you to have ‘one of a kind’ office furniture that no one else has. Remember your space reflects who you are and therefore the decision should not be taken lightly. Take the time to check out various colors, explore new themes, and make a solid decision.

Another feature of custom office furniture is making sure that it is ergonomically designed. Custom office furniture like chairs and desks can be built to fit your specific size. For example ergonomically correct office chairs should allow the user to, firmly, plant their feet on the floor while still being able to reach their keyboard and desk items. Desks should always be at the appropriate height. This is extremely important for back health especially if you use a computer regularly. Custom office furniture will help you avoid neck and spine problems as well as reducing your chances at getting carpel tunnel or repetitive motion disorders.

Remember custom office furniture is just as much about material as color. Some people prefer leather, to more synthetic materials for cushion and chair covers. Many people like the stylish look of steel frames and some people enjoy traditional oak custom office furniture.

Cost is always a concern and should always be kept in mind when buying furniture. However, it is a bad idea to buy discounted custom office furniture if you do not like it. Remember you will be spending an awful lot of time in and around your new furniture so make sure it is comfortable and you will be able to enjoy it. Plus, saving money now will probably cost you later on, especially if you compromise on quality. Discounted and cheap items are not as durable as high end custom office furniture.