Buying office furniture does not have to mean that you go out and break the bank. There are several options for buying office furniture that are very affordable. This includes looking in different places for discount office furniture as well as for used office furniture. Used office furniture often is put up for sale by local offices or home owners not because it has been damaged or is useless, but because whoever operates the office has decided it is time for a renovation and the older models simply no longer work. Here are some ideas on where to look for used office furniture, and what to do once you find it.

Pay attention to your local newspapers. There will often be advertisements in the classifieds for used furniture, and office furniture will often come up. Contact the placer of the ad and ask to look over the furniture before you purchase it. If it is damaged or in really bad shape, do not buy it even if the price is really low. If you are of a handy bent, you may want to try to fix it up, and more power to you if you can do it. If the piece of furniture is suitable, try to negotiate a price that is lower than what was proposed in the classified, the odds are that you can knock the seller down a few dollars at least. Other print advertisements include bulletins in papers as well as local buy and sell publications.

You can also look through the papers for stories on office or business closures. When a business goes belly-up, they often try to regain any money they can by selling off their furnishings, and this is a great chance to get a good deal on some professional office furniture that has been used but is likely still in great shape. Call the business up and find out if they are selling the inventory themselves or if they are going to auction it off through a professional house.

These auctions are another great place in your search for used office furniture. You can get great deals at auctions, just make sure you peruse the merchandise first and that you have the maximum price you are willing to pay for a piece fixed- the temptation to exceed this price can be awful, but remember that you will soon have another chance to bid on a different piece.

The old standby for the shopper of used office furniture, of course, is the garage sale. Garage sales almost always have pieces of furniture out that, even if it is not truly a piece of used office furniture, can be turned into one. Again, check the piece over for any major damage, and don’t be afraid to haggle over the price.