The desk hutch is a traditional office item but it still has its place in the modern office. Is the surface of your work desk covered with piles of papers, catalogs, mail, and other related work items? Do you have trouble finding the phone when it rings? Are you embarrassed when people have to come over to your desk and ask you for something? You are disorganized and one of the easiest ways to solve the problem is to get a desk hutch for your office or cubicle.

Many people think a cluttered desk is a great way to show how ‘busy’ they are. There are a number of impressions that a messy desk gives : you are disorganized, you are a procrastinator, you have poor time management skills, low productivity, and you have no self control– none of them good.

A desk hutch is a great way to add room and organization to your desk space. A desk hutch allows you upper, lower, and desk top storage space. Many things that go on the desk surface can be placed up into a desk hutch. For example family pictures, trinkets, plants, and desk office tools fit well into the shelves of hutch. Hutches are also a good place to store and display books in an organized manner.

Once these items are up off your desk, you will have plenty of room to work and organize your office related paperwork. With the right organizing tools you can create a place for every item on your desk. Using notebooks, file folders, boxes, and drawers efficiently can increase your organization and your the space of your work surface. File folders and notebooks can be easily tucked away on the shelves of a desk hutch.

Another great tool for keeping your office space organized is a trash can. You do not have to keep everything most memos, updates, and newsletters and therefore they can be thrown away. Scrape pieces of paper and old notes do not need to be stored so get rid of them! Being organize does take time. You may need to spend 30 minutes at the beginning of your day to organize your thoughts and work space. A great idea is to have three baskets on your desk hutch and label them “now”, “later”, and “store”. Each day you can quickly go through your paper work and place it into the correct basket. Immediately, you are aware of what must get done and what can wait.

The desk hutch is also a good place to tack up a white board or cork board. Both are excellent places to keep a task list of the things you need to do and when. Having a prioritize work list is extremely helpful when you are given new projects and are asked when you will get them done. You can look at the task list and have an instant estimate of how much time you will need and when you can have that particular task completed.

The desk hutch is a conventional piece of office furniture but there is a reason that it is so popular – it works in an office setting. Offices are usually short on horizontal space that is why it is a great idea to organize vertically. If you are in desperate need of re-organization consider a desk hutch!